The Distinctives we Live by

Our Vision

A community envisioned, empowered and united through God, centering our lives around Christ, advancing His Kingdom; disciples making disciples.

We want to be worshippers that will worship Him with intense passion, complete surrender, and radical obedience. God is looking for extravagant worship where we give Him all that we are, all that we have, and all that we do.


We want to build a place of sanctuary, of prayer and worship. A place filled with the intensity of the presence of God (a concentration of His splendour and beauty), with an unwavering desire to seek an intimate relationship with Jesus, soaked in His love and compassion to the point that compels us to go and reach the lonely, lost and hurting.


Relationship, Worship, Community

Envisioned, empowered and united through God


Relationship, Worship, Community

Centering our lives around Christ

We want to build a ministry that changes lives from the roots up, making disciples who make disciples, grounded in the truth of the Word and whose way of life is the Spirit. We want to build a ministry that will inspire and motivate others to follow and know Jesus Christ. We want to be intentional in all that we do, to continually seek the will of God and in faith strive for that which He has placed before us.


We want to establish an environment where people can develop the gifts God has given, feel accepted and grow in grace and love. We want to raise up passionate people that reach out to friends and neighbours, sharing the Gospel with them in words and actions. We want to stand out from the compromise, set ourselves apart in holiness and purity, and be single-minded in our desire to follow Jesus Christ, a community sold out for Him.

We want to be a church where people are released to do God’s work, empowered to perform God’s work, and equipped to fulfil God’s work. We want to be a church where members of every age are actively participating in what God has for them Monday through Sunday, and where they feel they have the freedom and support to do so. We want to develop a culture that naturally passes on experience and wisdom from one generation to the next.


We want to be influential in community initiatives, favoured in local governing bodies, to help shape the environment and the atmosphere surrounding Royston. We want to be able to bring prophetic insights and the wisdom of God to help steer local decision-making and see God‘s power released in our community. We want to be a body of disciples that will step out in God‘s power to impact and connect with our neighbourhood. We want to be a family that reaches out to the streets, that meets people wherever they are at, bringing the power of God to change lives.

We want to be active in raising people up and sending them out on short-term and long-term missions both in our community and beyond. We aim to establish relationally connected partnerships with individuals, churches and mission organisations working in our nation and other nations. We want to see God‘s power not only transform our neighbourhoods, but see God‘s glory shine throughout the earth.


Relationship, Worship, Community

Advancing His Kingdom